Happy Hubby


Happy Hubby
These snippets of conversations were a record of certain events in our lives

Mink: We’re going to Mexico!
Ben:  Really?  When?
Mink:  I don’t know.  Check your schedule.
Ben:  You know you better check the schedule because there’s a Gilligan’s Island marathon this weekend.
Mink:  Really?
Ben:  Yeah.  They’ve got the lost episode with the Professor and Marianne.
Mink:  What happens?
Ben:  They both realize that they had the same second grade teacher.  It’s been in the vault all this time. This would be a defining moment in my life, seeing that episode.   

MINK:  Cosmo looks good in a tux and he looks good in tattered jeans.
Benjamin:  You know some chickens look good in tux.  They call them Fryer Tux.

MINK:  (Grabbing the glasses for scotch) I’ll break out the good glasses.
BEN:  Remember, we don’t use the word break when referring to the glasses.

2-14-13  Valentine’s Day
MINK:  Knowing you, you filled out my Valentine’s card three weeks ago.
BEN:  I did.  I was just waiting to fill in the name.

Night we were coming home from Picca
BEN:  2012 is going to be the end of the world.
MINK:  How do you know?
BEN:  Because I know an Aztec who knows a Aztec.

One night when we were lying in bed together Jonah (our Bernese Mountain Dog) got up to take a drink of water from the toilet.
Ben:  Cosmo, don’t you think you should talk to your sponsor before taking that drink?

One Valentine’s Day when I wasn’t drinking the waiter got flustered when he didn’t know if he should put water or champagne in my glass.
BEN:  Don’t worry.  I’m going to get her hydrated and take her home and take advantage of her.

One night when we were driving to dinner and you were telling me about one of the worst sessions you’d ever had.

BEN:  I finished the session and thought it was one of the worst I’d ever done.  Then the client got up off the table and said, ‘Well, that went really well, didn’t it?”
MINK:   That’s why Don Miguel says you can’t take anything personally.
BEN:  He just said that to hurt my feelings.

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