Happy Hubby


Happy Hubby
These snippets of conversations were a record of certain events in our lives


This past Valentine’s Day, when my husband opened his present he started laughing uncontrollably and then he exclaimed,  “Oh Honey! This is the best present I’ve ever received!” I was totally unprepared for his reaction, but I felt pretty darned proud of myself. 

My husband is THE HARDEST person in the world to buy for.  His idea of getting a gift is if you come to our house and take something home with you.  In fact, I think he might actually be the person who invented re-gifting.  When he does need something, he just goes right out and gets it for his little self.  If I am ever able to think of something he needs first, I have to ask his assistant not to order it when he tells her to.


So, what was this great gift that made my hubby so happy?  Feel free to steal the idea.  I can vouch for it.  It’s a proven winner and economical, too :-).  Here’s the deal: over the past few months, I’ve been writing down little snippets of our conversations.  I’ve been collecting the funny, sweet, off-the-cuff things we say to each other, the kind of things you always tell yourself you’ll remember, but then they’re gone.  When I reread them before I printed them out, I realized it wasn’t just that what we’d said was special.  These snippets of conversations were a record of certain events in our lives—a dinner we’d gone to or a night we’d spent hanging out with the dogs.  These conversations were a record of an otherwise lost moment in time. 

So, feel free to use this idea.  It’s not just a good gift.  By recording your conversations, you will be creating verbal snapshots of the little moments in your relationship that might otherwise pass you by.

Here’s some of what I recorded:

Ben and Mink

Ben:  Thank you
Mink:  No, thank you
Ben:  No really, thank you.  You took me from a miserable wretch.  Actually, I am still a miserable wretch, but thank you.

Mink:  One thing that bugs me about the new fridge is that the spacing on the shelves is a little weird.  It’s hard to stack things.  Does that make sense?
Ben:  Yes.  It is weird.
Mink:  Thanks for agreeing with me.
Ben:  I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Benjamin was throwing the ball for Milo (our Shar-pei) but he wasn’t responding, so Benjamin said, “I guess he’s just not that into me!”

Ben:  Is that why people go to the bathroom in groups, because they have Groupons?

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