Digital Deal Breakers: Avoiding Date Drama w/ Tech-Savvy Singles


Digital Deal Breakers: Avoiding Date Drama w/ Tech-Savvy Singles
It’s a fact: We live in a digital world.

And these aren’t just empty numbers. Guys: Women do their homework. Nearly half (48%) of single women will research their dates on Facebook before the first date. Even though nearly half (49%) of single men think this is wrong, it doesn’t stop it from happening. Digital “screening” isn’t just limited to a pre-date check-up, either. Facebook plays a major role well into relationships, from checking a partner’s profile to even causing breakups (in fact, 16% of singles in their twenties have admitted that something they saw on Facebook triggered a split).



Some things to keep in mind next time you sign in:

• 55% of men and 36% of women have broken up due to a date’s pictures.
• 48% of women and 42% of men have ended a relationship due to a wall post on someone else’s wall.
• 21% of men have cut ties due to a date’s status updates.
• 27% of women backed off because of whom their date was adding as friends.
• 10% of singles say they would find the person they were dating more attractive if they knew their date didn’t have a Facebook profile.

Though’s study also tells us that it’s the youngest group of singles (twenties) that are most likely to check up on a partner’s Facebook profile, texts, and emails—it’s pretty obvious that your digital presence can speak volumes even before you actually go on your date. So what’s the moral to this story? Watch what you put online and save yourself from the speculation. When you enter the digital dating jungle, remember: Pass on the passcode and put your best Face(book) forward.


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