Life After Divorce: 7 Steps To A Fresh Start

Life After Divorce: 7 Steps To A Fresh Start


Divorce isn't the end of the world; it's time to begin anew.

5. Get engaged. Declare an unwavering commitment to honour yourself with integrity. Place value on your needs because you are worthy of a new life that excites you. You deserve it! It is your time for a fresh start!

6. Get serious. Every choice either brings you closer to or further away from your vision, so back up your commitment with deliberate action that aligns with your vision. As your confidence grows, subsequent choices will be easier and will eventually become new habits.

7. Get support. Surround yourself with a community that loves and respects you for the contribution you are in this world. This also means cutting relationships that are toxic and looking to new places to get the support you need like a support group or life transitions coach.

Chances are, you feel bad about the divorce and things that happened during the marriage. You likely feel hurt, rejected, and angry. If you don't, you may actually be repressing those feelings and that's not good either.

How long are you willing to stay stuck playing the victim? Ask yourself, "If I don't change what I am doing and how I am feeling, what will my life be like in six months or six years." Think about the impact you are having on those around you and how it would be different if you loved yourself fully for who you are right now.

It all begins with a change in perspective. Seeing this major life transition as an opportunity for growth and the creation of a new life that excites you is empowering. When you begin to move through the fear and embrace what is possible, you will open doors that you never even knew existed!

My journey and the creation of my first self-help program is outlined in "Freeing Godiva: A Woman's Journey of Self-Empowerment." I trust that this process will be a healing one for you. And that you will move through this life transition will grace and confidence, honouring yourself so you can create a life that excites you!

Lisa L. Payne is a life transitions coach, motivational speaker and author of the newly released, “What If They Knew? Secrets of an Impressive Woman.” She lives in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada where, since her divorce 8 years ago, she has been creating a new life that excites her.



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