Girls’ Night Out: Write a New Script and Stay in his Good Books!


10 great suggestions for GNO that will leave everyone feeling great the morning after.

Usually, Girls' Night Out is associated with drinking and forgetting about the responsibilities that have befallen us since we became wives and parents. But it doesn't have to be a destructive or ego-driven pursuit to rejuvenate yourself and enjoy the company of like-minded women.


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Let’s face it, we all like to get together with our girlfriends, kick up our heels and have a few laughs. We like to get a little silly and talk about things that men “just don’t understand”. I believe that a regular Girls’ Night Out is a critical part of a healthy woman’s social calendar. I believe it is essential to have fun, relax, and spend time with people who don’t ask anything of you than to be yourself.

When women do not honour the part of themselves that is not "mom" or "wife" they lose a sense of who they are. Many of my clients who are facing life transitions such as divorce, empty nest syndrome, and career changes, find that they lack the support of girlfriends because they didn't continue to nurture those relationships when the husband or baby came along. They become so wrapped up in the roles they are playing that they often lose a sense of their own identity. That's why it is often difficult to manage when life changes... even if the change is for the best.

It is true, however, that Girls’ Night Out (GNO) has gotten a bad rap over the years because of our behaviour. We must confess: we drink, we flirt, we (almost) cross the line.

Has that happened to you? Have you ever woke up the morning after and swore you’d never to another GNO because of the havoc you wreaked on your marriage? Do you ever feel ashamed and wonder why you ever acted that way? Do you feel upset that you now have to repair the damage by promising that you’ll never go out again?

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It hardly seems fair that you have to give up the benefits of GNO because of the costs. It might not seem fair but ask yourself: Am I behaving in a way that honours all my relationships? Is this how I really want to be spending my time? Is there a way that I can enjoy my friendships and remain true to my other commitments?

Presuming that you are not trying to permanently damage your relationship with your significant other, I believe there are several healthier alternatives that will get you everything you want. Let’s change the look of Girls’ Night Out!!


Here are some suggestions:

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