Writing an Online Dating Profile That's Really You


Writing an Online Dating Profile That's Really You
Your profile isn’t the product of a marketing plan. It’s a way of introducing yourself.

5. Get a great picture, not just good, make it great. Make it recent. Don’t go through your pics from the last five years and pic the one that is least embarrassing. Don’t crop out anyone, because even if you’re cropping out your little sister, people will think it’s your ex. Take the time to get some good photos. Get someone who loves you to take them. Make sure you have some photos that back up your profile. For example, if you say you’re the adventurous type, get some photos online that show you being adventurous. Additionally, try to include a mix of pics. A couple that show you being you all dressed up are a good touch along with a couple that show you having fun doing something cool. A picture is worth a thousand words, so feel free to use your pics to tell a story.

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