Why Quitting Online Dating Was the Best Thing I Ever Did


Why Quitting Online Dating Was the Best Thing I Ever Did
How quitting online dating services actually helped me find my husband.

Match.com was a mine field of disasters big and small.

I went on a date with a man I’d been doing business with for years, but didn’t realize who he was from his profile. He knew from the get go and when I didn’t go out with him again, I lost a lucrative contract.


I exchanged emails with a guy who lived a couple of hours from me for a few weeks. When my intuition kicked in that something was wrong, I quit communication with him. He didn’t quit communicating with me though.  He threatened to kill me in a very graphic way. I reported him to Match.com and the authorities.

I dated multiple men that weren’t really dating.  They were interviewing for the position of nanny and housekeeper.

I went on a date with a man who told me he’d recently gone through a hard breakup from his girlfriend of two years. He was just getting back on into seeing people. I kept looking at him thinking he looked strangely familiar. The next day I was in a friend's office and saw his picture on a co-worker’s desk.  She was sporting a brand new engagement ring, happy as could be. 

I went on a date with a guy where there was this incredibly awkward moment where we both realized at the same time we were probably related. 

I went on one date where the guy told me straight up he was happy to pay for a date, as long as it was less than $15.00. If it was more, he felt it was only fair to expect "a much longer date"  wink, wink...

I dated a guy from Match for several weeks who’s mother would call at random times throughout the date, only to learn later his mother had passed away four years ago, but his wife was still alive and well.

There were many, many more terrible experiences.  Too many to list or even count. In hindsight it’s funny. At the time, it was a soul sucking nightmare. 

To be clear, the worst dating relationship I had was initiated by a setup from a friend.  So, obviously I wasn’t exactly attracting healthy men because I wasn't healthy myself. However, when I look at my online dating experience as a whole, it was horrible...

...and yet, I met my husband, the love of my life, the most amazing man on the planet, on Match.com. Keep reading...


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