Top Ten Warning Signs He Might Be a Jerk


Top Ten Warning Signs He Might Be a Jerk
Sometimes it's easier to find Mr. Right when you know how to spot Mr. Wrong.

5.  He might be a jerk if he jealous when he shouldn’t be.  It might seem endearing, but it’s a red flag.  When a guy is jealous or possessive of all the men in your life, it will become a problem, because we all have men in our lives.  Early possessiveness is a good indicator a man will be controlling. 



6.  He might be a jerk if you don’t like the way he treats his mother or sisters.  This might sound cliche or predictable, however, you’d be surprised how many women will overlook the obvious.  If a man doesn’t treat the women in his immediate family with the utmost respect, that’s a problem, because if you stay together “forever” you will become a woman in his immediate family.

7.  He might be a jerk if he uses references like, “those people” a lot.  Anytime someone makes broad generalization about groups of people that are different than themselves it’s a precursor to possible prejudice.


8.  He might be a jerk if he can’t hold down a job.  Sure, the job market has been in flux.  Some fields are more transient than others.  However, if he can get a job, but can’t keep it, that is a red flag that can indicate any number of bad things.

9.  He might be a jerk if he is consistently late and doesn’t keep his commitments.  Again, this seems obvious, but some men are very good at explaining away inconsiderate behavior.  If a man doesn’t respect your time, he doesn’t respect you.  It’s as simple as that.


10.  He might be a jerk if he drives a vehicle with mudflaps that have any kinds a reclining naked women on them.  Depending on where you live, that might seem common place.  However, objectification of women is not a joke, even on, or maybe especially on a mudflap.


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