An Open Note to Charley's Goddesses


An Open Note to Charley's Goddesses
When the warning signs are on the wall, they really do apply to you.

I know I shouldn’t watch, but I am watching the Charley Sheen thing play out. I admit it, I’m guilty. I can’t take my eyes off of it. It’s drama at it’s best because it’s real life and it’s happening to someone else. There are so many aspects to this story that catch my attention. However, for me, as a relationship coach, it’s the Goddesses. I am fascinated with the dynamics behind the scenes that are fueling this fire. These two very young women have a front row seat for the what appears to be a train wreck. What’s keeping these two Goddesses in their seats?

It can’t be hard for either of those two to find a date or a sugar daddy in Hollywood. They’re both gorgeous, both seem pretty intelligent and well spoken, and both seem nice and to genuinely care about Charley and his kids.
So, what gives?? What is would inspire two hot chicks who seem to have options to share their lover with each other, while simultaneously watching his world implode and quite possibly put themselves at risk at the same time?


I don’t know.

I saw an interview with one of the Goddesses a couple of days ago that caught my attention. She was back in the mid-west leaving court after a hearing regarding a DUI or something like that. She was being grilled leaving the courtroom about Charley’s latest wild rant. Here’s a chick who’s life is in turmoil with trouble of her own and all they can ask her about is this latest horrible stream of Charley Sheen consciousness that he’d publicized to every outlet that would carry it. When the reporter asked her if she supported his decisions, she smiled and calmly replied, “Of course. I support everything Charley does. You don’t know him the way I do.”

The reason those words caught my attention was I have heard those exact words probably hundreds of times from my clients. Honestly, I’ve been guilty of uttering them myself.

Understand this, I do not have a window into “Sober Valley Ranch” and the Sheen residence. I don’t have an opinion on what’s happening behind those closed doors. What I do know is that when a woman, or a man for that matter is saying those words about their partner, there’s usually big trouble in paradise and it’s usually obvious to everyone.

I’ve talked to countless women with explosive men who think they have some special ticket to that man’s secret real self. They usually think they are the only one who really knows this gentle, wonderful, soft spirit. Often they think they are the only one’s who can save him from himself. They believe they have some larger then life, romance of a lifetime, connection with a monster. These women see the warning signs, their friends and family see the warning signs, the world sees the warning signs. However, these women think those warnings don’t apply to them.

She thinks she’s special. After all, is said and done he’s let her see his “real” self. No one knows him like she does. Unfortunately, she is the one, most at risk.

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