One Piece of Relationship Advice


One Piece of Relationship Advice

Without a doubt I look forward to that quiet time with him more then any episode of CSI. I’ve learned a lot about what happens during his day I simply didn’t have time to hear about before. We’ve talked about some heavy subjects, some light subjects, and sometimes we walk silently. But no matter what we are together in the evening.

I also notice the noise of the TV has an impact on our little one. When it’s on in the evenings, even though he rarely watches it, he always seems a little agitated and a little less cooperative. When it’s off he doesn’t have to work as hard to compete for our attention, so he’s simply more at ease. We all are. 


Trust me, the new season of Criminal Minds just started. Am I curious? You betcha! I love that show. But not as much as I love the sacred space we’ve created that doesn’t involve commercial breaks. I will watch them online sometime when the time is right I’m sure. It really comes down to priorities about where you want to spend your energy. For me, investing my energy in my relationship has the biggest pay off. 

Whether you decide to turn off the TV some of the time, all of the time, or never, at least take the time to be mindful about making that choice rather then defaulting to the remote control without a thought.

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