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For the Love of All Things Man

For the Love of All Things Man
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I love men. I love masculinity. I love a drink of tall, dark, and handsome..

I love men. I love masculinity. I love a drink of tall, dark, and handsome - or surfer boy - or GQ computer geek. I love manly strength. I love the smell of a man who's been working on outside (maybe strange, I know, but still...). I think there is nothing sexier then a man with his children. I love the way a man takes charge. I love the way a man looks in the morning just out of bed. I love the feeling of man skin.

Bottom line, I love men. Shockingly enough, a lot of women don't. They are suspicious, fet up, and generally irritated by men. "All men are dogs" - "Men are just players" - "Men never grow up" - "Men really don't want a commitment." These are just a few of things I've heard my clients say about men in just the last three weeks. These women, not too surprisingly are single. What is surprising is that these women, who feel this way about men, want to be in a relationship. Now one would think they might want to go find a good woman, given the fact that men are so terrible, but no.

These women are looking for a man. Why??? Here's the problem. The law of attraction isn't waiting for us to have a good vibe to work. It's working all the time - right where we are, right now. So, with the thought that all men are dogs, attraction is activated. Guess what... That women is going to get a lot of evidence to support that thought. Think men don't want to commit? Guess what... You're right. You get the point. Loving men put me at a very ripe attraction point for attracting a very lovable man.

I still love all things man - I can't tell you how much I love bask in the maleness of my beloved husband, or even how much I love to man watch from a distance on walks around town. From that place, I get a lot of evidence that men rock, in a very good way. So, if you are looking for the man of your dreams, I highly suggest you get into a place of seriously enjoying all things man. There's a lot to really appreciate. Channel your inner boy crazy fourteen year old and get giggly. When you get to the point where the thought of man brings up a giddy feeling, then and only then are you at the attraction point to attract one super hot, super cool, dude.


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