Know Your Value In A Relationship As A Woman


Know Your Value In A Relationship As A Woman
When it comes to romantic relationships there is one simple truth.

For women who don’t know the power of their own worth, their experiences with men have often been less then wonderful. Women who lack confidence attract men who treat women as less then sacred. Women who do not love themselves deeply end of in relationships where the pursuit of love is dangerous. For those women who have not tapped in to their real value, men have been an unpleasant experience. That said, it wasn’t the fault of the men. It was the fault of the woman who didn’t demand to be respected and cherished. A real man, who is attracted to a real woman in her full glory is an amazing creature in his own right. Those men literally live to nurture, protect, and support their beautiful magical women. They are powerful strong beings who love to see their women happy and will move heaven and earth to insure that happiness.

Ladies, here is some really good news. There are still lots of those men out there, waiting for us to blossom into our most powerful selves. A happy woman is a very pleasant to be around and men love to bask in that beautiful glow. A confident, powerful, blissed out woman is like a drug for a well balanced man. They crave it, they pursue it, and they will do just about anything to keep it.


It’s time for a new story. It’s time for a revolution! It’s time to step into our power and glory as women and begin to tap in to that magic and mystery that is inside all of us. In that magic and mystery is the power to create the relationship of our dreams, and the life of our choosing. It’s time to leave a legacy for our daughters that shows them that women’s liberation is really about claiming our absolute feminine power. It’s time to take back all the control, and take care of the business of taking care of ourselves. Relationships are an inside job. You get to decide once and for all. What will you settle for?


Lisa Hayes C.Ht. is the Love Whisperer. She is a Law of Attraction Relationship Coach and author of The Passion Plan and Escape from Relationship Hell. She specializes in helping people get the love they want, no matter where they are in their lives. You can find her at her digit home, Get her free audio, How to Talk to a Man, HERE.

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