It Might Not Be Denial


It Might Not Be Denial
Survival mode changes the way you think. Domestic violence creates survival thinking.

There are no easy answers.  There’s no one way out.  That said, people do survive, heal, and thrive.  Where is there is fear and confusion there is also a lot of hope and possibility.  That possibility begins with understanding. 

The last time I saw Scott he was holding me and my son at gunpoint.  In the end a judge granted me a five year restraining order.  At five years and two weeks he called my place of business.  He wanted my address so he could send me money he said he thought he owed me.  He told me he couldn’t move on without my forgiveness. 


I told him that I’d forgiven him long ago, but that if he ever came near me again I’d have him arrested, or kill him and I meant every word of it.  I haven’t spoken to him since.


Lisa Hayes is a Relationship Coach and Author of How to Escape from Relationship Hell and the Passion Plan. She is also co-founder of Good Vibe Coaching Academy, specializing in LOA Coach training. To get Lisa's FREE Audio, "How to Talk to a Man" Click here.

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