How to be a Hero Today While Sitting at Home


How to be a Hero Today While Sitting at Home
There is a village far, far, away, with a name none of us can pronounce in a part of the world we...

Stop yourself dead in your tracks from going to the next easy and logical places like anger, judgement, and hate.  Just stop.  Let fear run it’s course, but meet it with love and compassion rather than anger and rage.  I’m not suggesting you have to love the terrorist, but if you can just love yourself through the fear, you will not be able to engage in anger and all that follows it and the energetic trail of things to come, yet uncreated, but tangible.  Love and anger do not live in the same house.

For each and everyone of us, the buck stops right here.  Cycles of hate and violence in our families, neighborhoods, country, and the world can stop with you today.  Will it prevent another attack?  Today maybe we can think big and believe in something bold.  I believe in my heart of hearts that it might prevent another attack, another murder, another rape or beating.   Maybe, just maybe if each and everyone of us can lay down the insulation of love as we feel the raw fear of it all, we can do something bigger than ourselves.  That would feel heroic, wouldn’t it?  At the very least, which is actually huge, we can stop the corrosive effects of anger and hate in our own souls.


Fear in and of itself is neither good or bad, it just is.

So be afraid, be very afraid if that’s what you’re feeling.  If you let fear be a free standing emotion without giving it the legs of anger, hate, and revenge.  The fear won’t last long without the fuel.  Insulate yourself with love.

Want to be a hero?

Feel the fear and be love anyway.

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