Choose As If Your Life Depends On It


Choose As If Your Life Depends On It
I said to a client yesterday, “For the next few days I only want you to do things that make you...

I believe it would go something like this. “You have been so lovely, but being with you doesn’t make me feel as good as much of the time as I’d like. Right now we aren’t creating a vibrational match to how I’d like to feel. I’m guessing it’s the same for you. It has to be. Let’s not say good bye, but let’s move on for now so that we can both move into more powerful dominant vibrations. We can love each other more completely from a distance.

Thank you for walking this part of my path with me.” On a soul level, I think it is like that. On an ego level, not so much. So, as you are looking at your relationships, the only thing to really measure is simple. Does this person make me feel good or not. Period. If not, if you want to be stronger, you’ve got some growing to do, together or separately. You get to decide. However, I strongly urge you to quickly move in the direction of better feeling pastures, because your life, on many levels depends on it.



Lisa Hayes C.Ht. is the Love Whisperer. She is a Law of Attraction Relationship Coach and author of The Passion Plan and Escape from Relationship Hell. She specializes in helping people get the love they want, no matter where they are in their lives. You can find her at her digit home, Get her free audio, How to Talk to a Man, HERE.

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