Hundreds of Matchmakers Descend on NYC to Spread The Love!


Hundreds of Matchmakers Descend on NYC to Spread The Love!
The 2014 Matchmakers and Date Coaches conference has arrived!

It’s that time of year again! In just a few weeks love professionals from around the world will descend on New York City for the 2014 Matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference. This time of year is always so exciting and inspirational for me. I started the Matchmaking Institute over 11 years ago, and continue to be  impressed by how far we have come and how wide our network now reaches.

In the early days of the Institute we had only a handful of members in our circle. We mainly trained students, and worked on creating a code of ethics to ensure there were standards  set within the matchmaking industry. Since then, our network has expanded to over a thousand matchmakers worldwide. After turning 50 this year, and with the 2014 Conference around the corner, I find myself thinking more about the mission statement of my beloved Institute.

What is it that we want to achieve long term? What are we trying to communicate to our network, and to the world?

After some deep thought, and discussion with the MMI team, we concluded that our mission as an Institute is ultimately to “spread the love one couple at a time.”

When I think about the potential impact of this mission it blows my mind. There are various studies that have shown people are happier and more productive when they are in a healthy and respectful relationship. If we approach matchmaking with this knowledge, and work to create couples where both individuals are so fulfilled that they are more valuable members of society, we will be making a meaningful and potentially global impact.

Our mission strives for more than simply matching two people together and calling it a day.  We aim is to give matchmakers the tools they need to prepare their clients for the challenges they may face in a committed relationship. Long-term relationships can get messy, but the fruit they bear is unmatchable. If matchmakers have the tools to coach clients on how to achieve healthier relationships, I believe that we can help couples avoid becoming part of the rising divorce statistic.

Our mission to “spread the love” also extends to our own network of industry professionals. If we become a unified force that offers support to one another, and shares tools to learn and grow together as community, we will be able to achieve the best possible methods for matchmaking. The more successful we each become, the further our mission of creating happy, long lasting couples will reach.

In order to create this network of matchmakers who can work together and “spread the love”  effectively, it is important that we all have a chance to meet, bond with each other, and learn from our industry leaders. The 2014 Matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference provides this unique opportunity.

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Lisa Clampitt


Lisa Clampitt, LMSW, CMM

President, Matchmaking Institute and VIP Life

Location: New York, NY
Credentials: LMSWCC, MSW
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