Dating Outside of Your Age Range: True Love, or Disaster?


 Dating Outside of Your Age Range: True Love, or Disaster?
I'm answering all of your questions about controversial dating age gaps.

As time progresses, a younger man dating an older women has become more mainstream, especially with various celebrity couples bringing this type of relationship into the spotlight.

4. Why are some people drawn to larger age gaps than others?
Before my first meeting with a client I have them fill out an in depth questionnaire about their dating past, their individual traits and preferences, and their parent’s relationship. You can learn a lot of information about a person based on their parent’s relationship, and how they witnessed their mother and father relating to each other while they were growing up.

I have noticed that if someone grew up with parents who have a significant gap in their ages they are much more accepting of this type of relationship. In fact, they consider it to be the norm. I have also seen that sometimes women who had a strong father figure growing up will look for a man who is mature, strong, and can be there for her like her father.

5. Is there a point where an age gap is too much for a successful relationship?
I do think there is a point where an age gap can be too large for the relationship to succeed. When the age gap is more than a generation apart, or begins to create life style issues, the two individuals may want to think twice about the long-term success of the relationship. For example, if a 30-year-old woman is dating an 80-year-old man, obviously there will be a big difference in the amount of physical activity and the lifestyle that each can live comfortably. This large of an age gap is also very apparent in terms of knowledge, friends, and life experience, which could make it hard for the two individuals to relate on a deeper level. 

That being said, every person and relationship is different.  As long as both people are compatible where it counts, and are getting what they want out of the relationship, it should not matter if they are 5 years apart in age, or 20.

There are no rules to the love game.


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