9 Summer Fashion & Beauty Rules To Snag A Man


9 Summer Fashion & Beauty Rules To Snag A Man
Is your fashion sense making the right first impression?

When it comes to dating and meeting new people, first impressions matter a lot. You should always look your best whether you are going to the grocery store for a few minutes, or out to dinner with your girlfriends. You never know where you might meet an amazing man. In order to avoid turning off a potential date before you even get to say hello, here are my top 9 summer fashion and beauty rules to follow:

  1. Don't Show Too Much Skin: Once summer comes along, women often amp up their workout routines in preparation to show a little skin. While getting fit is great, beware of how much skin you start to show. There is a very fine line, and it can easily be crossed if you are not careful. Keep it tasteful.
  2. Bathing Suits Are NOT Clothes: Unless you are at the beach or laying by the pool, bathing suits are not appropriate summer outfits. If you are running to the store, put on a sundress! Leave the bikini for the water front. While on the topic of the bathing suit, I might as well throw in that guys tend to like bikinis better than a one piece. So, if you are looking to attract that cute guy, grab your bikini! If you are a little more self conscious about your body try going to a specialty store where the staff can help you find a cute suit that will flatter your shape.
  3. If It's Hard To Breathe, It's Too Tight: If you can't zip it, breathe in it, or have to lie down in order to get it on, it is probably too tight. Just because the weather is warmer does not mean your clothes have to get tighter. Take it from me, men will notice if your clothes are ill fitting, and they would much rather see you in something that flatters your shape.
  4. There Is A Time And A Place For Flip Flops: Similar to my point about bathing suits, flip flops are perfect for some places, not so perfect for others. Bouncing around town in the afternoon in a nice summer dress and flip flops is fine. But going out to dinner at an upscale restaurant in a dress and flip flops is probably not the best choice. 
  5. If Your Shorts Have More Holes Than Two For Your Legs, Ditch Them: I know that tattered jean shorts with holes everywhere you look is a trend, but it is not a trend that will attract a man. Leave them for when you are hanging around your house alone.
  6. Tame Your Mane: Summer is tough on hair, especially in areas of the world where humidity is killer. I know it can be hard to keep up with, but I have had many men tell me that their date showed up with unkempt hair, which turned them off. Don't let this happen to you! Use extra product and style your hair so that you look put together. Make anti-frizz serum your new best friend.
  7. Go Light With Your Makeup: There is nothing worse than seeing a woman's makeup run down her face on a hot day. Embrace your natural beauty this summer and keep it light. A nice sunscreen or tinted moisturizer, some basic mascara, and a little lip gloss will go a long way.
  8. Ditch The Black: It's summer time now! That means you can go for colors that a bit brighter, like a Pink, white, purple or a nice pastel shade. If color isn't your thing, try choosing a fun pattern that flatters your body shape even if it is darker. Stand out from the crowd this summer!
  9. Only Show Your Feet If They Are Primped And Prepared: If you plan to wear sandals this summer, get a pedicure! There is nothing that will turn a guy off more than seeing your crazy toenails, or callused feet. If you don't have time to head to the salon, pick a closed toe shoe. But let me just say, if you can't find time to take care of your feet for a hot date, you may have other problems on your hands!
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