6 Summer-Friendly Ways to Meet Your Next Date


6 Summer-Friendly Ways to Meet Your Next Date
Summer is far from over...make the most of it while it's here!

With the arrival of nicer weather comes increased opportunity to meet new people and expand your social circle.

Finding eligible singles is not as hard as most people think it is. It just takes a little extra thought and effort! Summer is the perfect time to put that effort in because there are so many more people out and about taking advantage of the nicer weather. Take some time to look up and see who is around you. Everywhere you go in the coming weeks should be a grand opportunity to find love. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Eat out more. Instead of grabbing a breakfast sandwich or a muffin to go in the morning, make time to sit at a nice outdoor café while you have your breakfast. Be sure to pick somewhere that is well trafficked with the kinds of people you want to meet. For example, in New York City I would pick somewhere in the Financial District or in Midtown Manhattan. Both of these neighborhoods are prime spots for meeting men on their way to work. When you see someone cute, remember to flirt!
  2. Hit the parks. During summer, weekends are a prime time to get out and meet new people. Take a long walk or a bike ride and head to your local parks to see what is going on. Bring a picnic with your or enlist a friend to keep you company and make a spot for yourself by wherever the action is. Spot a group of cute guys? That's where you want to sit! Don't be shy—invite them to have some of your picnic snacks. I promise, they will be flattered that you want to share.
  3. Sit by the pool. Join a pool club, use your friend's membership, or just pay to go for the day and park yourself by the pool. Make sure that you pick a pool where you will meet people your age and where there aren't too many kids. You want this to be a more mature scene, not a family event.
  4. Learn to love golf. Ladies, this is the tip of the century. If you are looking for men in their 30's and over, golf clubs are a spectacular way to meet men. If you don't have a membership of your own, ask a friend to take you or just buy a pass for the day. I promise you that this is where all of the nice, successful, and age-appropriate men are hanging out.
  5. Attend every social event. Take advantage of every social event you get invited to this summer. Rooftop parties, BBQ's, events with your coworkers, and so on are all amazing places to meet new people. Even if your next date is not at the party, by building your social circle you will expand your chances of getting invited more places—and the more places you go the better chance you have at meeting your next partner!
  6. Keep your eyes peeled at all times. When you're walking around, keep your love goggle on at all times. The weather is nicer, the sun is out longer, and this means that more people are outside walking around than any other time of the year. You never know who you will see walking by your local coffee shop or on your way to work. Make eye contact with people and smile!

Let me know how it goes, and stay tuned for next week when I'll be sharing my favorite summer date ideas with you!

This article was originally published at PattiKnows.com . Reprinted with permission.

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