10 Ways a Matchmaker Adds Value to Your Search for Love


10 Ways a Matchmaker Adds Value to Your Search for Love
You don't have to brave the search alone!

On the fence about working with a Matchmaker? Here are 10 ways they will add value to your search for love:



A Matchmaker

1. Works with you to understand your past and how it affects your current dating patterns.

2. Helps you shift outmoded or unproductive thinking patterns about dating and love

3. Suggests altering specific behaviors to reflect more of what you want in your life

4. Builds self-esteem by focusing on your strengths

5. Packages and presents you in the best possible light.

6. Markets you to a well defined target community

7. Prescreens all potential dates for you

8. Follows up after each date for specific feedback—pluses and minuses

9. Zeros in on your perfect match using your feedback

10. Is committed to helping you find a long lasting and healthy relationship.


Remember, professional matchmakers are experts in the field of helping people find love.  They get to know you one-on-one, coordinate date, and guide you through the process of finding the right relationship. Matchmaking is a holistic process that looks at the whole you.

I truly believe that one year of working with a qualified matchmaker can be more effective than a lifetime of relationship hunting on your own.

It can be easy to get stuck in unsuccessful dating patterns and feel discouraged about finding love. The benefit of working with a matchmaker is that they offer coaching and feedback. They will be able to pinpoint unsuccessful dating patterns you may have fallen into, and help you work on new dating strategies. A matchmaker will equip you with the tools you need to and find a relationship that will be successful long term.



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Article contributed by

Lisa Clampitt


Lisa Clampitt, LMSW, CMM

President, Matchmaking Institute and VIP Life

Location: New York, NY
Credentials: LMSWCC, MSW
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