Actions And Thoughts Patterns That Will Transform Your Love Life

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Actions And Thoughts Patterns That Will Transform Your Love Life
Sick of being unlucky in love? Maybe it's time to make your own luck with healthy behaviors.

Lastly, it's imperative to make sure you're not living someone else’s dream. We can confuse other people's expectations — those of our families and society — with our own. When this happens, we wind up living someone else's dream without even knowing it. For example, your parents might be highly religious and you feel that it's not optional to date someone outside of their religion, even though you may feel open to people with many different beliefs.

Dating is tricky, and trusting yourself to make the right decisions in it is even harder. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could rely on pure instinct to guide your dating? Unfortunately, you can't believe everything you feel. As Michels and Shield explain, it's much more beneficial to learn to navigate your own truth, and work on cultivating positive thought patterns that will eventually manifest into something real and full of love.


Trusting in your own inner wisdom, experience, and goals will put you on the right path to finding your best possible partner.

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