Are You A Prisoner Of Time?


Are You A Prisoner Of Time?
Master time instead!

Your time here will also include things like stopping at the grocery store, mail, bank or other errands. Don’t forget things like paying bills, laundry, house cleaning and evening making dinner.

Now that you understand the different kinds of time to block out on your schedule, take a look at your schedule and arrange your time so you include blocks of time for each kind of time. Put them on your schedule in the order I have given them to you. It’s important to include all to be balanced. The more balanced you are, the more stamina and vital energy you will have to focus on what is important to you in your life.

Remember, it’s a process to learn how to master time instead of struggling with managing it. Be gentle with yourself along the way and reward yourself when you have successes. A failure can be a success if you learned from it.

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