Love Chocolate? How To Be Healthy About It


Love Chocolate? How To Be Healthy About It [EXPERT]
How to incorporate chocolate into your health-conscious lifestyle.

1. Chocolate Yogurt: To a serving of plain yogurt, add a teaspoon of unsweetened raw cocoa powder, a bit of natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup, a few chopped walnuts and some dried fruit. This makes a wonderful breakfast, snack or even dessert.

2. Chocolate Cups: Using good quality baking chocolate, coconut, fruit, seeds, and nuts, you can create your own delicious chocolate treats.


If you've ever wanted to learn about the process of making chocolate, you can read and hear about it from a master chocolatier, Joshua Needleman, at his beautiful shop The Chocolate Springs Café in Lenox, MA. Joshua walks us through the chocolate making process and shares an inspiring story about how The Chocolate Springs Cafe came to be.

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