How Bad Body Image Affects Intimacy


shy woman beneath sheets
Don't let a negative self-image interfere with your romantic relationship.

And of course, if you share your negativity towards yourself with your partner, he/she may try his/her best to convince you otherwise, which can make things worse. For example, in the book For Keeps: Women Tell the Truth About Their Bodies, Growing Older, and Acceptance, author Sara Nelson tells the story of how on numerous occasions, her boyfriend lovingly referred to her as curvy, round, sexy, generous, lush or Rubenesque. "That's how many times I wanted to kill him," she explained, because she couldn't accept her body and the last thing she wanted to hear was that he did. 

If your body image is getting in the way of intimacy in your relationship, remember that you are not only your body. You are a combination of heart, soul, feelings and emotions that represent the true meaning of beauty, far more than your waist size. The more you appreciate these qualities, the more likely you'll feel compassion for yourself. And as you soften up to you, you'll open the doors to a deeper level of intimacy that may just eventually have you feeling grateful for every inch.

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