10 Ways To Encourage Your Family To Eat Vegetables


110 Ways To Encourage Your Family To Eat Vegetables [EXPERT]
Getting your family to eat vegetables doesn't have to be a struggle.

5. Let them choose. If you do your grocery shopping together, have your spouse or kids pick out some vegetables that they'd like to eat. Back in the kitchen, let them have a hand in how they're prepared. They're more likely to dig if they helped out and cooking together is a great opportunity to deepen your relationships.

6. Keep the seasonings handy. Have a nice tray filled with spices, seasonings, and healthy condiments on the dining table for everyone to pick from. This encourages everyone, even the picky eaters, to create their own favorite flavors.


7. Add a little fat. You're probably thinking, "why make something healthy unhealthy?" However, drizzling a little olive or sesame oil, or even a bit of butter on your vegetables will change the texture, add flavor and increase the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins in the vegetables. This tahini sauce is delicious on steamed veggies and as a salad dressing.

8. Discuss veggies around the table. Have your kids examine a piece of broccoli. Ask what color it is, what it reminds them of, and explain why you're serving it. Talk about the vegetables that they picked out and why they've made such a good choice for themselves.

9. Accept the differences. Now that my kids are grown and eating plenty of vegetables, the challenge for me is my two grandsons when they're visiting. My oldest, who is almost eight years old, loves dipping veggies and fruit into guacamole and hummus, and my six year old won't touch the green dip. He insists on a salad at dinner though and it's the first thing he goes for. And both of them will eat red pepper slices when I'm making the salad, so I always buy extra for them.

10. Take baby steps. My dad is in his seventies and over the last few years, I've had a hand in getting even him to eat more vegetables. He still doesn't like green salads so much but he'll eat cooked greens or a simple cucumber salad. The key is to always have different vegetables on the table to try and, especially with your kids, let them see you eating them too, because they're watching.

By making vegetables a common feature of your meals, by adding variety and by getting everyone involved in vegetable preparation, you're more likely to see your family warm up to them. You'll also discover new ways to serve them that even you will come to love. Listen Up, Parents! 5 Ways To Communicate With Your Kids

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