How To Lose 10 Pounds Without Trying


How To Lose 10 Pounds Without Trying
Weight loss secrets you won't believe! They are so simple, thin people don't even know they do it!

I was watching Oprah one afternoon. She was intervening Jerry Seinfeld and what he said clearly defines the second secret to effortless weight loss. He said, "You know, it's like that moment at Thanksgiving dinner. You've eaten all this great food and then you take that one bite. And that one bite is the one that ruins the entire experience. Now you are stuffed, uncomfortable and no longer enjoying yourself. The key is to stop right before that bite!"

I call this finding your Seinfeld point. It is the point where you have had enough to eat, are perfectly satisfied and still comfortable in your own skin. It is the point that you can still get up and move around freely and vibrantly. It is the point you walk away from a meal feeling amazing, grateful and fulfilled.


Here is a tip: The stopping point is different depending on how much the body needs. Sometimes we need more. Sometimes we need less. If you pay attention when you eat, then your stopping point will be clearer.  You can then walk away from a meal feeling light and completely satisfied, not stuffed and bogged down. 

Bottom Line

Tune in. Get to know your body. Most of us are busy and even feel divorced from our own bodies. While being divorced from our bodies is normal now-a-days, this isn't healthy! You can change this. You love your body when you take the time to tune, care and listen!


Want to learn more about the non-dieting method, eating what you want, reaching optimal health, eliminating emotional eating and/or permanent weight loss?  I can help!  Visit me at and sign up for my Free Ezine.

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