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How ADHD Taught Me To Take My Foot Out Of My Mouth

This was a difficult blog post for me to write because it caused me to remember some of those embarrassing moments in which I have  put my own foot into my mouth and felt like the woman in this photo.   Whether or not you have ADHD, I am sure we can all look back over a time when we wished we had ...

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The 3 Biggest Obstacles To Losing Weight With ADHD

By Leslie Rouder, LCSW Cht. There has been a lot of research lately on the relationship between ADHD and eating disorders, as well as problems with obesity that would indicate that having ADHD may predispose individuals to difficulties regulating their weight.   A study done in 2004, found that ...

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Kick Procrastination In The Butt!

By Leslie Rouder, LCSW,CHt It has long been known that circus elephants have historically been trained to stay tethered to a post by attaching heavy chains to their legs when they are very young so that when they yank or pull at these chains, they are unable to break free.  Within a short amount of ...

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Do Individuals With ADD Lack Willpower?

By Leslie Rouder, LCSW,CHt Very often I will hear a parent tell me that his child could not possibly have ADD because he is able to play video games for long hours without being distracted in the least.  Or that one’s spouse can watch a football game without ever being distracted. This can be ...

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Married To ADD: 7 Difficulties To Expect

The challenges facing a person who is married to someone with untreated Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, can be difficult to navigate. These challenges may be completely hidden to the rest of the world. No one seems to understand what you Read More

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How ADHD Taught Me To Take My Foot Out Of My Mouth

Quick tips to help you overcome the challenging urge to blurt things out and reduce anxiety!


The 3 Biggest Obstacles To Losing Weight With ADHD

Have you ever wondered why people with ADHD struggle with their weight? This article tells why!

Change Ahead

Kick Procrastination In The Butt!

Learn how to break free from negative beliefs to start reaching your goals and achievements!

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Do Individuals With ADD Lack Willpower?

Is it ADD, laziness or lack of willpower? This article will help explain!

Married To ADD: 7 Difficulties To Expect [EXPERT]

Married To ADD: 7 Difficulties To Expect

Learn the predictable patterns associated with being married to someone with untreated ADD.

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