How ADHD Taught Me To Take My Foot Out Of My Mouth


How ADHD Taught Me To Take My Foot Out Of My Mouth
Quick tips to help you overcome the challenging urge to blurt things out and reduce anxiety!

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Along with the 2 above reasons why individuals with ADHD are so challenged in social situations is that they have experienced a life time of negative social feedback, which only adds to their sense of anxiety and perhaps shame or embarrassment in a social or business context.  This anxiety fuels one’s inability to pay attention and be observant of others.   The best way to rid oneself of social anxiety is to achieve a sense of ease and proficiency in this area.  Role playing with a coach, while practicing how to build rapport is an excellent way to learn these skills.  Having someone you trust give you a silent signal from across the table when you have made your point can be helpful in providing external feedback during a social or business meeting. Hypnosis and/ or NLP can provide additional support in overcoming nervousness, while developing new strategies in developing proficiency in this area as well.

To sum it up, putting one’s foot in one’s mouth can be embarrassing, create anxiety, hold one back professionally and socially if not treated.   Social skills training, coaching and NLP or hypnosis are all excellent treatment strategies to assist in developing these skills.


Although ADHD can certainly bring unique and difficult social challenges, always remember to keep your sense of humor and never forget who you are and the unique gifts that you bring to every encounter.  There is no other person in this entire world who is exactly like you, nor has there ever been or ever will be again.  Celebrate and rejoice in that!   

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