4 Tips for Creating Happiness Within the ADHD Family


4 Tips for Creating Happiness Within the ADHD Family
Tools for coping with ADHD within the family

Lately there have been a lot of questions in regard to how best to manage ADHD within the family.  ADHD is not isolated to the individual (or individuals) in the family that have it.  It affects the entire family on a daily basis in significant ways.

When a family member presents with what we would consider many common ADD symptoms, and has been properly diagnosed, the next step is;



1. Educate the whole family so that everyone understands what the diagnosis of ADHD actually means.  Make sure to clarify that having ADHD is no one’s fault and to provide each family member the opportunity to ask questions.  Do take your time to answer all questions because understanding what ADHD is all about can often alleviate many of the problems that arise in the family.

2. Try not to label the individual in the family as being “the one with ADHD”.   Giving someone in the family a role or reputation of the “problem person” can set the family up for more of the same behaviors they are trying to avoid and can cause negative reactions in your relationship.  What we expect from our family members, is often what we get. 

3. Focus on the strengths and special talents that in the family has. Make sure to focus on the special talents, creativity and sense humor that is indicative of the individuals in your family with ADHD.  This will encourage those positive talents to be further developed and flourish.

4. Keep your sense of humor.  Although there may be a lot of frustration around the ADHD behavior, remember to see the lighter side of it all and laugh whenever possible. 


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