Infidelity: Should You Leave Your Partner For Your Lover?


Infidelity: Should You Leave Your Partner For Your Lover?
Will your lover look as exciting once you're in a routine?

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If you're having an affair, there's a big temptation to leave your marriage and jump into a new relationship with your lover. But there are many things to consider before you make that decision. How well do you really know your lover? Are you certain you'll be compatible in the mundane light of day?

YourTango expert and marriage coach Lesli Doares sat down with HuffPost Live to talk about an article she wrote for YourTango addressing this complex issue. Check out the video at this link to learn more.

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Lesli Doares

Relationship Coach

Lesli Doares, MFT

Lesli writes about issues related to marriage and relationships at  She is the author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage:  How to Create Your Happily Ever After with More Intention, Less Work, a manual for couples on how to have a long and successful marriage.  Lesli also speaks passionately on many relationship-related topics.

Location: Cary, NC
Credentials: LMFT
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