10 Signs Your Marriage Is Failing


10 Signs Your Marriage Is Failing [EXPERT]
Not all marriages last forever and here are the signs to tell.

8. There is a lot of blaming. Focusing solely on what your partner is doing wrong but is relatively easy to do. You have input into what is going on and while blaming your partner may feel good, it won't lead to a happy, healthy marriage. It also puts the emphasis on the negative, which is what you don't have instead of what you do.

9. You tried to rewrite history. A common result when you focus on the negatives in the relationship. If you are unhappy in your relationship and when you can convince yourself that it was never good, the two of you were wrong from the start and you never loved each other. You will then act on these beliefs and make your relationship worse.


10. There are feelings of neglect. The most common, and the most insidious, damaging feeling in a relationship. Letting the day-to-day routine take over and being too tired to spend quality time with each other is often the beginning of the end. You show your priorities by how you spend your time and if you aren't taking care of your marriage, how can you expect it to survive.

Several of these behaviors result in feelings of resentment. Once this happens, your marriage is vulnerable to divorce. Tom and Cassidy looked into this abyss and didn't like what was looking back. Are you and your spouse dancing on the precipice too? Top 10 Reasons Why Women Divorce

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