Single ladies your time is now . . . to Find Love at Last!


Single ladies your time is now  . . . to Find Love at Last!
This blog discusses prerequisites to attracting the absolute sweetest love

The sweetest love you have ever known is waiting for you. You already have everything you need to create it, attract it, and allow it into your life.
I felt very passionately inspired to write a book on finding love called Find Love at Last! 7 Steps to Attracting the Sweetest Love You Have Ever Known after I married the love of my life at age 49. I wanted to share with single women who were still in search for their perfect mate the process I went through to attract the love of my life; a process that I later realized is truly the only way to attract, sustain, grow, and create a 'heaven on earth' sweetest love for life situation.

Before moving forward in the process that takes you from where you are (single) to where you want to be (in an amazing love relationship), I invite you to be open to accepting what I found to be the prerequisites to attracting not just any love, but the sweetest love. Are you ready? I say yes!

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• You are the love you seek, meaning . . .
• You are an amazing Spiritual being, the essence of love itself, meaning . . .
• You are not the aspects of your personality that make you feel less than worthy of having it all, or that what you want is not possible for you.

These 'prerequisuites' engage your mind, heart, and spirit to express the truth of your being. They prepare you for addressing, and healing whatever has gotten in the way of having the love you want from a place of compassion for yourself; making the process of  "clearing the decks" of past unproductive thoughts and behaviors feel more manageable, doable, possible.

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This process embodies the practice of heart-focused living, a life style that supports the actualization of life goals. It is the golden thread that runs through every article and blog I post. I am so excited to share this approach to attracting and creating the most amazing love and life!
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Have a great week!

From my heart to yours,
Lee Ann Hawkins

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