Relationship Malnutrition


Relationship Malnutrition
Age Not The Reason For Failed Teenage Marriages. Do They Suffer From Relationship Malnutrition?

Once you have completed the exercise, identify your deficiencies. Who do you know that could potentially bring that type of nourishment to your life? The women at the front desk of your gym? Someone in your office? The mother of your child’s classmate? A long lost friend you could reconnect with?

What nourishment can and should you provide yourself? Freedom of self expression? Many of my clients find great fulfillment by using our On Line Journal Community to feed themselves in this way.


Write down one thing you will do this week to correct your relationship malnutrition and do it. Do the same thing next week. Keep going until you have a balanced meal. Notice how this improves your primary relationship.

If you find this article helpful to you, share your experience with us in the One Whole Health On Line Journal Community or at You just might find some new relationship nutrition.

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