5 Reasons a Spiritual Practice Can Save Your Marriage


5 Reasons a Spiritual Practice Can Save Your Marriage
A regular spiritual practice can improve your frame of mind, but what about your marriage?

When I met my now husband, neither of us wanted to get married, yet we fell into a swirling romance and became engaged in 5 weeks. We fully credit our spiritual practice for the solid marriage we have today. We agreed from the start that this marriage would not be about security or financial dependence, starting a family, or avoiding loneliness. We were joining together for the primary purpose of life, which is spiritual growth. Some of our “vows” looked like this:

I will be present and responsible for myself.
I will be aware, attentive and appreciative each day we have together.
I will learn to give expression to what I feel without blaming and listen in non-defensive way.
I will give space for you to express yourself.
I will learn about ME through my relationship with you.
I will act out of love and not fear.
I will always look for the good in you, which is GOD.
I look to our relationship, not to make me happy, but to help me become more conscious.
I will love you without wanting anything from you.


I’m not saying our marriage is perfect or doesn’t have the same challenges as any other partnership. What I can say, is that knowing the purpose of it all is our own growth and development helps us deal with anything that comes our way.

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