Living By Your Heart Gives You The Year Of Your Dreams


Living By Your Heart Gives You The Year Of Your Dreams
This morning I realized we have a choice: we can choose to be happy, or we can choose to not.

I dedicate this blog to my dear friend, Kristen, whose mother passed over to the other side this week. Kristin, you and your family are in my daily prayers.

This morning, while in deep meditation, I received a clear message: we have a choice for 2014. We can choose to live mostly from our mind (ego), which we have been doing for centuries, and is based in fear, is driven by fear, and operates from fear OR we can choose to live from our hearts, which is based in love, is driven by love, and operates from love.

I once heard someone say, "If you are thinking, then you are stinking." It made me laugh yet it registered as absolute truth. We over-analyze all the time. We trap ourselves into making conclusions about situations, instead of dancing with the possibilities of it all. Thinking usually takes us out of the present moment, which creates stress. Alternatively, connection to the heart or being, creates calm and opens your world to possibilities.

Like my friend Kristen, in the last several months, I, too, have been faced with my loved one having cancer. The moments that I spend thinking are the worst. Fear, worry and overwhelm often take over. However, in those moments of connecting to my heart, I am filled to the brim with love—for my life, for my beloved, and even for the experience with this kind of illness in our lives.

When I connect to my heart, which is deeply tuned in to the Universe and my soul, the most amazing calm comes over me and it all becomes so clear. My soul sees the big picture, and by tuning in to this perspective, the experience of loving and caring for someone with cancer becomes a huge opportunity of being with what is. My heart and soul are celebrating the fact that I am gaining so much benefit from this experience.

I, therefore, choose to live from my heart in 2014. I know that the habit of fear will kick in from time to time, but my declaration is set. I choose love and wish the same for you, as well.

In this spirit of love, let me share how grateful I am to:

  • My clients who have honored me with their trust
  • My children who have the best hugs ever
  • Our families who have been present through it all
  • Our friends who have fed, chauffeured and cared for us
  • My amazing Assistants who have taken care of all the details
  • The oncology staff who have amazed us with their unending smiles, laughter and kindness.
  • I am overjoyed with all the love that has come our way.

Wishing you a year where your dreams come true! Happy 2014!

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