Why You Should Meditate: Less Stress & More Sizzling Love


Why You Should Meditate: Less Stress & More Sizzling Love
Would you meditate if you knew it could help make you smarter?

What creates less stress and more love in your life faster than anything else in the world? Hint: It's been around for thousands of years, can be mastered easily and is accessible 24/7. Have you figured it out? You got it! It's meditation!

I love meditation. Why? Let us count the ways. Meditation...


  1. …is a stress reducer. Many studies have shown that with a regular practice of even minutes per day of calming the mind, your stress hormone, cortisol, decreases. I have a personal example of this. I am currently caring for my loved one who has a life-threatening illness. Without my meditation practice, I would have withered away from the stress months ago. Taking time to go within has been crucial for maintaining my own health and sanity.
  2. …creates presence. While thinking, your focus is usually either on your past (regret, anger, upset, etc.) or in the future (anxiety, worry, etc). Presence occurs when your mind is still. When in the now moment, you are tuned into your Highest Self, which opens up a wonderful world of possibilities.
  3. …tunes you in to your own guidance. Yes, your Highest Self has all the answers to your questions. Each one of your cells, which includes your DNA, has access to Universal Intelligence. Very cool, right?
  4. … is an opportunity to receive unconditional love. Receiving is actually very difficult for many people. The truth is, a love problem is a receiving problem and a money problem is also a receiving problem. Therefore, with a daily meditation practice, you can finally get used to receiving the unconditional love that you can benefit from and also deserve so much.
  5. …sharpens your mind. With it, your mind is able to hone in and be laser-focused with your tasks at hand. Ninety-five percent of my writing creativity comes to me as a result of going within and listening. Do you have a paper to write or an exam to study for? Try a breathing meditation for only three minutes and see how sharp and laser-focused you become.
  6. …stabilizes your emotions. There are studies that show that a daily meditation practice can literally protect you from depression, upset and anxiety. This is true for teens as well as adults. Now that's uplifting news!
  7. …regulates your health. Along with exercise, meditation has huge benefits of helping to keep colds and flus away. One study showed that employees who had a regular practice of quiet contemplation missed less work than those who did not.
  8. …helps you to actualize your goals. This certainly has been true for many of my clients. The ones who commit to a daily practice of going within are ten times more likely to see their dreams come true. Very exciting!
  9. …creates sizzling love. It creates a sense of self-awareness and self-approval. How can meditation produce sizzling love? Because meditation increases your energy vibration. When this happens, put your seat belts on because you will become a magnet to a loving relationship filled with harmony, fun and exciting passion.

These are nine great reasons for starting your meditation journey today, so more excuses, OK?!

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Happy Meditating!

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