6 Easy Beauty Tricks To Make You Look (And FEEL) Drop-Dead GORGEOUS

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Treat yourself!

Looking fabulous and feeling uber-confident is more challenging than ever after indulging for the holidays and battling the cold that's been bestowed upon the entire country with the coming of the New Year.

Our experts however have a few tricks for you to look fabulous — even with the bitter cold — and make sure you recover after the holiday season:

1. Sweat it out.


There’s nothing better to get rid of toxins than sweating it out. One trend this year at the new Mighty Pilates Studio in Santa Monica is “The Miracle Interval," which is a great fat burning tool. The JumpBoard and Mighty Cardio classes incorporate these particular intervals and use the jump board or other cardio exercises in intervals between the Pilates work on the Springboards or Reformers, giving us the best way to burn fat and use those holiday pounds. You’re going to love the mix of cardio to burn fat and Pilates to strengthen and lengthen the body.


2. Treat yourself to a relaxing facial.


While nourishing your skin from the inside is always important, making sure it’s taken care of and hydrated from the outside will give it that special glow every time. Along with shedding old habits at the beginning of a new year, it’s also time to think about shedding dead skin cells that have been accumulating over the winter and the holidays. 

We work our skin hard over the holidays — alcohol, heavy foods and weather changes all play a big role in the appearance of our skin and how we physically feel. Jodi Shays, owner of Queen Bee Salon & Spa with a few locations in Los Angeles and Seattle, always recommends getting a really good facial peel to start the year off well. There are various peels to choose from such as Alpha Hydroxys (AHAs), Beta Hydroxys (BHAs) and chemical peels.

Her favorite in January is a 30% organic pumpkin peel. Think of this peel as Pacman working it’s way around your face and neck, munching off the dead skin cells. The result of this peel are immediate, leaving fresh glowing skin in its wake. It smells great too!  Follow up after with your favorite serum and moisturizer. You can't go wrong with anything containing organic aloe and coconut oil, and you’re all set to glow in the New Year.


3. Change things up with a spanking new haircut.

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A new haircut can change your whole perspective and get rid of those dried out, overworked ends. Whether you’re going for a trim or you plan on chopping off your long hair and going for a bold lob, a hair-care system lik Rene Vandesande can change your look for the better.

According to Rene, “there’s a huge trend right now for the straight lobs, but always keep in mind the structure of your hair and the shape of your face. If you have fine hair, layers will give you a little volume, while a straight cut will just weigh your hair down." A good salon should advise its clients before they start the cut and if what they want doesn’t match their hair type or their features, they should look for alternatives that work best for you.


4. Take careful care of your eyebrows.


Our eyebrows define our face and our eyes, therefore it’s important to keep them looking perfect. Especially since when your eyebrows are in good shape, you look amazing even if you skip on the makeup. Eyebrows have become bolder in the past few years and will definitely continue to be a statement piece in 2016.

If you’re not sure how to deal with them, head over to a specialist who will not only define the perfect shape for your face, but will also give you advice catered to your particular type of eyebrows, the shape of your face and your eyes.


5. Don’t stress about your hair and nails.


Long gone are the days when you’d have to worry every week or even every morning about way your hair looks like of whether your nails are chipped. With Treat Me, a new service that offers unlimited blowouts and manicures for a subscription monthly fee. Yes, you can actually get a blowout every day and as many manicures as you’d like or change your polish every day to match your outfit if that’s your cup of tea and elite salons in Los Angeles and Treat Me takes care of everything including setting up the appointment for you.


6. Detox your way to feeling amazing — inside and out.


You know you’ve been splurging over the holidays so why not start the year with a little detox. Juicers like The Omega Dual Edge makes everything so easy for you. Whether you’re looking to make fruit juice, vegetable juice, superfood green juice, nut milks or butters, frozen fruit sorbets and smoothies, a juicer is the perfect addition to any kitchen if you’re looking to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet without much fuss. 

The holidays are always an amazing time with the family, but they are also incredibly stressful on our bodies, so it’s good to make January the recovery and restart month. Not to mention that those New Years resolutions feel a lot better when there’s a little pampering involved.

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