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Fashion Faux Pas Women Make When Dating

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Fashion Faux Pas Women Make When Dating
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Everyone has done it at least once. You know, you set up a date, get all dressed up for it only to realize you were not only on completely different pages when it came to the date, but you look like you’re going to different parties.

We reached out to NJ Goldston, The Brunette from The Blonde and The Brunette and a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and style to give us some tips about fashion faux pas to avoid when going on a date.

Here is what he had to say about what to wear on a date to make him like you:

LL: There’s more and more a tendency to dress casual, but how casual is too casual when it comes to a date?

NJ: We’re all loving and embracing the joys and comfort of casual dress but when it comes to the dating scene, my own very informal survey revealed "women attired in leggings and a tee" were consistently seen as a tad too casual (especially for those first few dates).

One of the women on our team recently turned up on a first date attired in leggings and a tee. The next day, she received a stunning pair of leather pants from her fashion designer date!

Obviously, he was looking forward to the next date but was generous (and knew it would be well received) enough to drop a major hint about how casual is too casual. With that in mind, my favorite go-to casual look is jeans paired with a statement top, especially an off-the-shoulder choice for a casual date. You can’t go wrong.


LL: On the other hand, can someone be too dressed up for a dinner date?

NJ: Absolutely! If you’re overdressed it can be a huge turnoff. It’s a subliminal message that you might be a high maintenance type of gal even if you are not. That means saving those elaborate party, cocktail dresses, and possibly bandage dresses, along with too much jewelry and makeup, for the right occasion and not dinner dates.

New, current choices can include lingerie slip dresses even with a tee underneath, wide leg pants paired with a form fitting knit top, or a mid-calf dress or skirt that is slightly fitted but free flowing with either a shoulder baring element or thigh-high reveal.

They’re all sexy, feminine choices. Don’t forget you can also dress up wardrobe basics for a dinner date with statement pumps and a bag. I actually always carry one of each and a choker necklace in the trunk of my car in case I have last minute plans.


LL: What about an active date? More and more people are choosing activities like hiking as their first date. What’s your advice on staying fashionable, while at the same time being appropriately dressed for a hike?

NJ: There’s so much great active wear out there right now that you can’t go wrong. The key is the right fit and layering. No matter your body type, go for a more fitted look. It’s much more flattering. Try doing the perfect pair of leggings, capris, or shorts with a sports bra, tee, and great hoodie or a bomber, even a satin version.

The other way to go is monotone with a matching jogger and hoodie. Either way, use your kicks or hiking boots to add a splash of color or a neutral to counterbalance a bolder, more graphic outerwear choice.


LL: What is a good balance between looking like you tried, but not looking high maintenance?

NJ: It’s one of my favorite wardrobe tricks. I love adding some shimmer, shine, or sparkle to a casual look. That means everything from sequins, a metallic sheen, a rich fabric or embellishment. It can even be on a tee, an over-the-top bag, or a kimono or statement coat.

That’s very LA along with more minimal makeup and hair that doesn’t look too done. It’s very much the "Editor" look.


LL: Tell us a fashion faux pas that you’ve noticed quite often?

NJ: There are very few rules in fashion anymore. However, hands down men in flip flops, unless they are at the beach or a pool is never well received. There’s also a fine line with cutoff shorts. As they get shorter and shorter, there’s a distinct difference between being tasteful with a sexy overtone versus displaying too much of your posterior.

With these new tips from NJ, you are guaranteed to look your best on any date!

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