Success Is Closer Than You Think.


Please, don't think that these people are different than you and me. I bet, if we had met them when they were not so rich or so famous, we would still have left our meeting with the sense that we had just met someone who is "a success".

Success is an attitude and you can have it right now! What if you made a decision right now, that you are a success?

  • Make a list of all the things you can think of that you have succeeded at in your life. (nothing is too small to count).
  • Now decide that you will continue to be a success at all that you do. (Remember the Michael Jordan quote above)
  • Study the work of people you admire, rejoice in their success, knowing that you can do it, too.
  • Start living your life from this moment on, thinking and believing "I am a success! " and end each day with a list of all the successes you had.
  • Remember that where you focus your attention is where you are creating your future. But, also, remember that it goes beyond thought. Take inspired action to support your beliefs.
  • If you are having trouble shifting to really believing in yourself, I have some great tools to help you. Sometimes we need a little shift in our subconscious programming to get new beliefs in place.
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