Empowering Teens - School Is Not One Size Fits All


Empowering Teens -  School Is Not One Size Fits All
  • Learning Different (diagnosed or not)
  • Gifted in a particular area (academic or not)
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • In recovery from substance abuse
  • actively abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Socially motivated or socially isolated


These are just a few things to consider. In my community there are many options available through the school district for kids who need a change to their program. These include different career pathway options, independent study and concurrent enrollment at the junior college. There are also a variety of homeschooling options that don't require parents to be the teacher.


Additional support, in the form of educational information and facilitated family counseling sessions is often helpful and I have enjoyed helping families find what works best for their teen and for them.

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