Are You A Catch?


Are You A Catch?
10 Golden Qualities For Modern Day Love

10. Respect
The heavy hitter, respect is the big daddy of our list. Without it, forget it. Can you love someone you don’t respect? I don’t think so. Can you be
disrespectful to someone you love? Unfortunately, absolutely. Respect is communicated in big ways, like deferring to your partner’s schedule or
preferences, or small ways. One of my favorites is how my husband always lets me walk through a restaurant before him when the hostess is seating us. It’s a small thing, but his simple gesture of stepping aside to follow his wife to the table communicates to me that he respects me, and makes me feel like a queen. And if he pulls out my chair, all the better.

How did you stack up? Give yourself a point for each quality you believe you possess (and show!). Then, score yourself here:


7-10 points: William and Kate have nothing on you. Your mate is lucky to have you (though you would never tell them that, out of respect )

4-6 points: Okay, you’re on your way. You’re honest enough (#1) to see that you have some work to do, and that’s important. Keep showing the qualities you already possess and practice the ones that might be more of a challenge. Your love will thank you!

0-3 points: Yikes. Have you been living in a cave? Do you realize there are other people on planet Earth? You do get points for honesty, but (in all honesty) you need to do some serious work. Use these qualities as your guide and you’ll be unstoppable (in a good way).

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