Are You Making Time or Excuses: Part 1


Are You Making Time or Excuses: Part 1

Not having the time is the number one excuse we all use when we aren’t getting the results we want. I won’t argue with the fact that our lives are jammed packed with activity. For many of my clients it’s work, kids, house chores, and bed. If you are suffering from physical pain or IBS, that adds a whole new level of stress into your daily routine. Regardless of what you may be dealing with in your life, the difference between my clients who get what they want and the ones who don’t is time management. You can’t delete your job or kids nor can you dissolve your pain immediately, but you can manage your life differently.

I have hated systems and resisted organization most of my life. It’s not that I can’t see the benefits, but I am very right brained and it felt too rigid to me to try to fit my life into such a regimented mold.


However, I’ve seen a shift in myself towards both systems and organization. Though it’s hard to see pain as a gift, that’s one positive thing that being in pain has given me.

When you are injured and you can’t do things the way that you’re used to, it’s very disconcerting. I used to be able to push things off as long as I wanted to and then could pick a random day to get everything done. It never felt particularly good, in fact it was somewhat stressful, but it was just the way I got things done. After being injured I really had to be very cautious of how I used my body so I couldn’t do very much at once, it was all about small things in small amounts of time. In living a life of turtle steps, I’ve developed a real knack for creating a rhythm in my life in which I can get things done in a peaceful, non-overwhelming way. In order to do this I did have to add more structure to my life.

Surprisingly, I really like it. It’s taught me a lot about myself and made me realize when I was making excuses in my life. It also showed me that when your mind is scattered your life rhythm reflects that.

If you are looking for more ways to understand your mind-body connection, I have some great tools in my e-book Listening to Your Gut: Connect with Your Body and Get IBS Relief.

Then I started thinking about how this could help you. You may have found me for a variety of reasons. Some of your are suffering from IBS or chronic pain, while others may have worked with me in the past as I did career coaching. Regardless of the issue you’re facing now, the way you approach life has a big effect on both your happiness and healing.

This article was originally published at IBS Livestyle . Reprinted with permission.
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