7 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Get Married to Avoid Divorce


7 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Get Married to Avoid Divorce
Beat the divorce statistics BEFORE you get married.

6. Successful Marriages Take Work
Marriage is not easy. Love does not conquer all. The sheer act of living life can make us forget what is most important. Over time, partners can begin to take each other for granted. Major life transitions – such as having children, buying a house, changing jobs – test a relationship in ways you can’t imagine. While these transitions can be blessings, they ultimately change the dynamic of the relationship. It takes effort to avoid these relationship traps and adapt to life’s changes together. Be present with your partner. Be honest and sincere with each other to eliminate unfounded expectations and unrealistic assumptions that can lead to anger and resentment.  Laugh together. Find appreciation and gratitude for each other every day.

7. Divorce Is Lonely and Expensive
It typically takes as much money and time to get divorced as it does to get married.  And if you have children, it will be even more.  The glory of marriage is in two people building a life together. Everything gets combined – income, assets, retirement funds, friends, furniture, etc.  When that marriage breaks, everything gets divided.  Divorce robs you of the income and lifestyle that you used to have. You will be with your children less. You will probably have to sell your house. Your retirement funds are depleted – from legal fees, as much as the division of assets – forcing you to work far longer than you had originally planned. And the friends you made as a couple are nowhere to be seen.  All of a sudden you are behind the eight ball, older and single now, trying to re-build your life all by yourself.  Marriage might not be easy, but divorce is downright hard.   


Getting married is fabulous and exciting – but it is also a momentous decision that will impact your life forever. Be honest with yourself and choose your partner wisely.

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