Everything Happens For A Reason ... Yeah Right!


Everything Happens For A Reason ... Yeah Right!
Have you ever wondered Why? Why did this happen? Why did I get assaulted? I finally found my Why.

This book finally made it clear to me that all I have been through in life  had to happen and was to help me become free of all the old manipulations, control and guilt induced living and to go on this journey of discovering what I want. Who I want to become. What my needs are. To grow my self-esteem. To know that without a shadow of a doubt I can now allow true friendship and romantic love into my life - without losing me. I am strong enough now to retain my beliefs. To say what I want or don't want. To love fully without losing my essence.

I also know that I will only allow real into my life. I am never going to accept the fluff of fake friendship, love, words, beliefs into my life ever again. Enough is enough. No more dream squashers will ever be allowed to have a place in my head or life.
I want you to know that I believe in you. That if you've never heard this before said out loud - your feelings, your wants, your needs, your beliefs MATTER - just as much as anyone else. What has happened in your life that you are hurting over? What has made you doubt yourself and be less than the magnificent, beautiful, amazing, kick ass person you really are inside?


So my challenge to you - to anyone who is hurting as badly as I was and wondering what the hell am I here for? Why did this have to happen to me? What is the purpose of my life? Go get this book and read it and do the simple thought-provoking questions. I hope when you are done you will see as I did that everything in your life has been for a purpose - the purpose of become a more authentic you. Mira Kirsenbaum I thank you for this beautiful gift of finally having my answers to WHY.
Have a magical day everyone. Enjoy your life and know that everything that has happened to you or will happen to us, is for a reason - the reason of becoming a more authentic, strong, amazing U! Sign up for a free 30 Minute Coaching Session with expert Laura J. Kendall/

To your Success!

Laura J. Kendall


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