Do You Have A Nasty Gremlin?


Do You Have A Nasty Gremlin?
Do you accept less than you deserve in love? Wondering Why? Why the same type guys keeps showing up?

Do you have an inner critic or Gremlin that controls your life, loves, thoughts, dreams. What is stopping you from going for your dreams? From believing in yourself? From truly loving yourself? I am here to tell you that you are amazing! You are special and one of a kind! Don't let someone else's words from the past or present strike down the sparkof passion you have in you! As Jack Canfield says - "Live your dreams and not someone elses!"  Get a free ecopy of my book Goddess School - A 12 Step Program.

Today I challenge you to do just that! Take one small step to show the inner you - the amazing one of a kind - that you do believe in you! I did it and I know you can too!! Have an amazing day!! 


Laura J. Kendall, CPC

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