5 Reasons Women Are Dissatisfied With Their Sex Lives


Why women find themselves dissatisfied in bed.

What Can Be Done:
Think outside the box. Instead of relegating sex strictly to the bedroom, change it up a bit. Your house is filled with rooms and furniture, use them for sex. You will be amazed at the thrill that simply moving your fun to another room can inspire. Try a new sexual position. There is always excitement in trying new and different things. Awaken your sexual diva by taking charge of your sexual experiences to keep boredom away. 9 Sex Positions That Enhance Emotional Intimacy

4. I Don't Feel Sexy Anymore
Many women are not satisfied with the look and feel of their bodies. In America, there is a bit of an obsession with body image. There are unrealistic expectations of being a certain size and looking a certain way. Some women don't feel sexy or attractive because of their perceptions about their bodies. These beliefs then cross over into their sexual world and hinder them from experiencing satisfaction. There was a study recently published in The Journal of Sex Research that found that the emphasis in American culture on being young and thin is more influential than menopause when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

What Can Be Done:
Follow the tried and true rule: "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative." Find those things you like about your body and yourself and focus on those areas. When you look in the mirror, stop looking at the flaws and begin looking at the things you admire about yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful you are. Even if you don't believe it at first, in time you will not only believe it, but you will feel it. Once you begin to feel it, you will want to share it with your beloved.

5. Sexual Frustration
Many women are sexually frustrated because they are not getting what they want and need sexually. Most women want more foreplay, more intimacy and for their partners to last longer. When a woman feels like a "piece of meat" or a "mounting block" she is less likely to be turned on to experience sexual pleasure, which in turn results in a lack of satisfaction.

What Can Be Done:
Ask for what you want. Conversations about sex should be had long before the act. When you are aware of what you want and need, it is imperative to let your partner know. Contrary to popular belief, your partner doesn't automatically know what turns you on sexually or what you need to be satisfied.

Women who are sexually satisfied enjoy their partner, make time for regular sex, are confident and sexually aware, and know how to ask for what they want. Having a satisfying and fulfilling sex life brings you closer to your partner and enhances your over all well-being. Having a satisfying sex life also has great health benefits. It boosts your immune system; helps minimize pain and headaches, burns calories, helps you stay younger looking, reduces stress and a whole lot more. 16 Unexpected Health And Beauty Benefits Of Sex

My challenge to you is to improve the quality of your sex life starting today.



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