3 Ways To Be A Successful Student of Life


3 Ways To Be A Successful Student of Life

Welcome to the class that doesn’t end…Team Lifelong Learner.  Oprah says; life is one big classroom.  Ladies and Gents your class is in session …



You thought the last time you would be a student was when you crossed the stage and was handed a piece of paper…WRONG!  Every single human being is a student; whether you embrace your lessons is a complete different story.  Graduation is just the beginning of your next chapter.  Look at your life as a book that doesn’t end until you take your last breath; each phase is a new chapter for YOU to write…. pick up the pen now.  Don’t just let note taking end in the literal classroom; it is a powerful tool that you can use in your life as well.

When you are a student you get up early, show up for class, participate, study and complete your homework & projects…sounds to me like a great regimen for life.  And here’s how you can adapt that ongoing student life…


“Birds of a feather…
Surround yourself with liked minded people.  Ask yourself about your clique.  Is it like Kanye West’s, “Clique”, that ain’t nobody messin’ with?  What is your honest answer and I am not talking about how pretty, well dressed or paid your clique is…I am talking about how they help serve you and their community etc.  If you want to go to college but your clique doesn’t or you want to pursue your passion but your clique stays in their unfulfilling jobs; either two things will happen they will convince/influence you to do what they are doing or you will leave the clique due to lack of support.  Be wise and deliberately create a circle of people that will feed your soul, mind, emotions and body.  And you definitely don’t want to be the smartest one in your clique either.   You want a circle where you have the ability to grow and be challenged as well as be empowered.    

Reading is Fundamental
A must in daily life.  There are definitely so many books that you can read or even listen to that will assist you in life.  Through books you can experience a great deal of awakening moments.  Reading biographies are excellent because you get a glimpse of who the “famed” person was before the media attention and many times that can motivate or inspire you.  Also books with authors sharing their stories help you to know that you are not alone; we are all interconnected and experience similar issues.  Fictional books can resonate within you to expand and allow your creativity to flow.  Spiritual development and self help books, my personal favorites, assist you to be of service to others.  If you are stuck on a book choice, try the “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It is a short powerful book that teaches fundamental principles of life and top on my list of the best books I ever read. 


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