The 3-Step Dating Declaration To Find Love


Independence Day: The 3-Step Dating Declaration To Find Love
Repeating these powerful mantrams will help bring love into your life right now.

You can shorten this description to a relationship that is inspired, creative, driven, and with deep emotional and physical intimacy. Now that you have this clarity, you can make a very simple statement made in the form of a demand. Say it out loud at least three times in a row and at least twice a day (definitely in the morning and before bed): "I demand love in my life right now!"

Say this with complete conviction. Put your heart and soul into the statement. You deserve it and it is there for you. Remember, you must include the words "right now" or your mind will pick up unresolved stuff from your past. Keep repeating your mantram without fail every day. 


Step 3: You have called love into your life. It is likely that it will start showing up almost instantly. Everytime I do this, it blows me away. Someone calls or reaches out to me within hours (sometimes, minutes). So be delightfully surprised when you get a call out of the blue from someone who has never shown interest before.

This is what's happening: You have cleared away the clutter and obstacles from your past, and you've demanded from yourself the love you want and deserve now. Your brain has no choice but to fulfill your demand.

Make sure you get out there and party on the Fourth of July. You're going to have plenty to celebrate. Welcome to your new independence and the love you deserve and desire!

Larry Michel works with couples and singles around the world to help them shed damaging fears and stories from their past and experience true intimacy, love, and fulfillment in the present. He can be reached at Visit for free gifts from Larry to his YourTango followers or visit his personal website at

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