Statistics Lie: Money Has Never Been The Cause Of Divorce


Statistics Lie: Money Has Never Been The Cause Of Divorce
Would you like to money proof your marriage? Start by realizing everything you've been told is wrong

After they’re done telling you their story from, "She robbed my bank" to "He invested in silver before the value dropped in half," ask them how they got along outside the of their money catastrophe. 100 percent of the time you will learn that they couldn’t communicate, didn’t spend time with each other, or their sex was horrible. At the end of the day, in every case, their level of emotional intimacy was almost non-existent.

Healthy couples are on the same team. They don’t make each other wrong when life throws its curve balls.


Many couples that have lost everything have stayed together, survived and eventually thrived again. What makes them different? Their relationship thrived where it mattered and money was just a part of the game they played together, on the same team.

Convinced money isn’t the issue? Dig deeper. Perhaps an outside perspective can begin to unravel the stories before the financial shortfalls are made the scapegoat to abandon ship.

Make sure your coach or therapist understands the genetic energetics around money or it’s very unlikely you will uncover the whole picture.


Read 3 Steps to Successfully Manage Your Combined Finances to avoid the traps and excuses around money using easy guidelines that will positively change how you interact with your partner.

Larry Michel works with couples and singles around the world to help them shed damaging fears and stories from their past and experience true intimacy, love and fulfillment in the present. He can be reached at Visit for free gifts from Larry to his YourTango followers or visit his personal website at

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