5 Signs Miley Cyrus' Marriage Will Last


5 Signs Miley's Marriage Will Last [EXPERT]
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are more compatible than you may think!

There are a couple uncertain areas in their relationship that they do need to know about, however. Like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Miley is "Super Active" and Liam is "Moderate Active". She doesn't take breaks. If you ask her to, she will tell you it takes extra effort not to finish other peoples' sentences. She knows what Liam is saying before he can get the words out of his mouth.

Liam is also far more relaxed than she is. Jennifer drove Brad bonkers. She never stopped. Miley and Liam could have the same problem if they aren't aware that this is an energetic characteristic, and this difference has nothing to do with desire or interest.


The other thing that could and probably has already caused some issues for them is chemistry. This has been an off-again on-again relationship over the last two years. It's no secret that Liam is hugely attracted to Miley. The chemistry for him is incredibly solid.

If you understand chemistry, then you know it is a powerful and dangerous drug. He proposed to Miley because he feels certain every second of his day that she is the right woman for him. He had no choice.

Miley, on the other hand, has false attractions. This means she does not feel the same degree of chemistry for Liam as he does for her. While he's totally convinced she is "the one", she is not so sure, because she isn't getting the same chemical high he gets.

At times, she doubts the relationship, feeling like he's way more into it than she is, and this causes her to back away. As soon as she gets some distance from him, she realizes what they had was truly wonderful and comes back again.

When they are together and not driven by the chemical attraction, the energetic similarities they have are so powerful, they outshine the impact of their chemistry differences. If these two aren't aware of what's taking place and expect more from the relationship, they will experience mismatched needs and that takes maturity to deal with. At ages 19 and 22, it's asking for deep love, clear commitments and an understanding about romantic partnership, which is seldom present at any age.

All things considered, I think these two have a good chance of sticking it out and experiencing a wonderful relationship together for many years. To those that disagree, I say back off and give them a chance! Engaged? 4 Ways To Tell Whether Your Marriage Will Work

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